Sarah M. Zimmermann is a 5th generation Houstonian who has lived her life in short stints of about 4 years.  She is currently a Texas girl fighting off the icy winters of Boston but she has lived in Houston, TX, Little Rock, AR, Norcross, GA, and Rancho Cucamonga, CA and Houston, TX once again.  Sarah has seen a lot in her 21 years but she is always ready to see more.  Adventuring and reading old etiquette books are among her interests but she is also one of those car girls.  She loves her 1972 Datson 240Z, Isabel and misses her terribly after selling her last summer.  Her ambitious nature has given her a desire to pursue electrical and computer engineering and to one day own her own town.  Passion, Energy, and Initiative drive her life.  They are evident in her love for the Lord and her love of learning.